Said no parent ever! Well a parent to a baby or toddler anyway.

Since when do we get an extra hour in bed when the clocks change! Pah …. we’re up an hour earlier (or so it would seem) What makes it worse is it being half-term week next week ….. I won’t have an alarm to set to get L up and sorted for school, instead i’ll have the clock change to have me up early! Thanks for that Haha.

C is 3 and currently his waking time in the morning is around 7 …. so on Sunday when he wakes up and the clocks have lovingly gone back an hour my clock will say 6am. There’s something about being up so early on a Sunday I think. It makes the morning seem so much longer.

In a few years time i’m sure i’ll be grateful of that extra hour in bed but for now I would quite like the clocks to stay as they are 😉



  1. Now that Cheeky Chap is a little bit older (and it’s half term) we will be keeping him up later in an attempt to get woken at a reasonable hour. He’s usually up around 6.30 am, 5.30 am sounds so much worse!

    • Lisa Reply

      I hope it’s not too much of an early start for you tomorrow x

  2. Yes I was just thinking that too and that the children will be ratty by bedtime as we’ll be putting them to bed later I think I may slowly do it later over the course of a few nights.

    • Lisa Reply

      Good Luck! I hope it’s not too bad for you over the coming days x

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