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As a Mum of two, I never like to leave the house without my essentials, especially if we are going out for the whole day. I would hate to be out somewhere and need something and not have it to hand.

Now that L is 12 I no longer really need to ‘carry’ anything around for her in my bag, but I do have a few items for her for those ‘just incase moments’

I currently have the Pink Lining ‘Not So Plain Jane’ Bag but now C is getting bigger i’ve been considering swapping this to maybe a smaller bag or even one of their backpacks. The bag I currently have is perfect for hanging on the buggy but once he is out of that stage I feel maybe a rucksack would be easier to carry around.

 Here is what I have packed in my bag on a typical day out for us:


1) Nappies – C is still in nappies so obviously these are pretty essential to take out with us.

2) Wipes – Wipes are a godsend – not only for nappy changes but they are so handy for wiping sticky hands or mucky faces.

3) First Aid/Wet Bag – It’s amazing how much you can fit into a little bag! I have in there a few sachets of Calpol, a bottle of Nurofen, a few Calpol tablets for L, Paracetamol for myself or the hubby, Sudocrem, Metanium, snuffle babe (you just never know), a packet of tissues,  Plasters, hayfever relief tablets (L suffers from hayfever in the summer) and Antibacterial Gel (a must have especially after nappy changes/using public toilets or before eating).

4) Snacks – Again I use a little wet bag and I always have a supply of dry snacks in the bag. If we are going out for a longer period or a picnic then I will of course pack fresh food with me for the day.

5) Drink – I always make sure C has a drink of water when we go out.

6) Spare Change of Clothes – Seeing as we are in the summer at the moment I have a spare change of shorts, a t-shirt & a summer hat.

7) Suncream – Super important with this gorgeous sunny weather we have at the minute.

7) Mummy’s Things! – I of course always carry my purse, I make sure I have my sunglasses, a small hairbrush, my house/car keys and my all important iPhone!

It might seem a lot but what I love about my bag is it all fits in so well. There are lots of handy little pockets and compartments inside the bag so everything has a place if its own.


What are your must-haves in your bag for when you’re out and about?




  1. Yes all mummy must haves on a trip out. I absolutely hate it when I forget my wipes! I keep forgetting them at the moment an Archie happened to do a number two twice now when I have had no wipes! Its been fun running around trying to find a store with some! Good Luck with your entry to pink winning, I wanted to do it, but i never got the chance to do my post. xx

    • Lisa Reply

      Oh I hate not having wipes with me Haha. You poor thing being stranded with a dirty nappy and no wipes!
      Thank you – oh it’s a shame you didn’t get round to doing one too x

    • Lisa Reply

      Can you believe I forgot wipes yesterday …. I realised when we arrived at C’s new pre-school for a settling in session and noticed he had a mucky face ARGH!

  2. I love how the nappy bag becomes our handbag! I have two kids & carry around two little separate backpacks for them! Most important thing in them? A change of clothes & wipes for my adventurous two! XO

    • Lisa Reply

      Yeah it’s amazing how a nice stylish handbag becomes a changing bag when you become a mummy!

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