Today would have been the day Lauren would have started Secondary school with her 11 friends if we were still living in Ireland.

Her newsfeed this morning was full of photos and status updates as they all embarked on this new journey in their lives. Lauren is still on her Summer holidays here so she has obviously been around today to see them. She stayed overnight at her Cousins last night but I was able to see via my page her wishing them all good luck for their first day.

This afternoon when she was home we chatted about it and wondered who she would have been placed in a class with had we still been living there. It was then she admitted seeing various photos made her feel a bit teary and well up. She is more than happy with her school here and she’s really excited about going back next week but part of her today felt like she was almost missing out joining her friends – the friends she spent 8 years with, going through primary school together.

All 12 of them are such a close group of friends and she still almost every day chats to them (the wonders of social network and the internet eh?) so I think it was only natural for her to feel like she did. We had a big hug and I told her it was ok to feel like she did.

Thankfully we did make the move when we did because at least she started her new school in May of this year and instead of dreading and waiting anxiously for her start date next week she’s really looking forward to getting back into school and seeing all of the friends she made last term.

I’m so very proud of the way she’s handled everything and I still can’t believe my little girl is as grown up as she is.


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