Yesterday marked the day we found out our little boy will need to wear glasses.

It all started on Sunday evening. We had my parents round for Sunday dinner, C was tired so sat own his iPad in the evening (watching his beloved Paw Patrol!) Mum was sat opposite him and said to me “Do you know C is going cross eyed”? I got up and walked over to where she was sitting and low and behold he was. I’d never seen him do it before. It wasn’t in just the one eye either, it was both. I was worried about how suddenly it appeared. Googling on a Sunday evening isn’t advised either!

On Monday morning I called my local Supersavers to arrange for an eye test. Basically once I had given them his details, his age and my concerns on how suddenly we noticed it they advised us to pop up to our eye clinic A&E department.

They were brilliant up at the hospital and did a few tests but we were told we would have to bring him in the next day once the full department was open and especially the children’s orthopic department.

Yesterday lunchtime we went along and had a more through check up and the long and short of it is C has trouble focusing short sighted, he then uses his right eye to focus causing it to turn in and tells his brains to ignore any signals going to his left eye. It’s quite clever what the human body and and can’t do – apparently adults aren’t able to tell the brain to do things like that.

So we were told yesterday the treatment is going to be glasses for him. We were told we have caught it very early on and it’s the most treatable squint and the most common one so that was a relief.

I’m absolutely delighted it’s nothing more sinister (especially after googling what could cause sudden squints) but I can’t lie and say i’m fine with him having to have glasses.

His little face is the face i’ve known for almost 4 years, overnight it’s going to change and i’m going to have to get used to him looking different. I worry about him not liking them, I worry about him getting bullied in school. It’s going to be different and i’m struggling with it a little.

If you have been a reader of my blog you may have picked up on the fact he’s absolutely fireman/fire engine obsessed. All he ever talks about is them and this morning it broke my heart when he said “Mummy I can’t wait until i’m bigger and i’m a fireman so I can drive a fire engine” …. I wanted to cry … wearing glasses he may never get to do his dream job. Now I now many of you will think Ahh he’s 4, he’s bound to change his mind, which is true but there are some children that have such a passion in life from an early age and that passion stays with them all the time. My Uncle was the same age as him when he become a fan of fire engines & the day he turned 17 he joined the fire bridge and work with them until he retired. I can only hope because we’ve caught this early enough the glasses will help and we’ve been told it’s best treated before the age of 7 and sometimes after 7/10 years glasses are no longer needed. If this is the case then I hope he can achieve his dream one day. Other than that I hope technology along the way will help him somehow.

For the time being I shall make the most of his little face without his glasses because by the time he might not have to wear them anymore he’ll no long be almost 4 and be like the face i’ve always known … he’ll be grown up and will look different anyway 🙁

We’re now just waiting on another appointment date for us to get his eye sight measured for the lens strength he’ll require.




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