Fussy Eating Toddler!

Do you have one of these?

C is 2yrs 3 months. We did BLW (Baby Led Weaning) when he was 6 months and he had a great old start to eating & food. There wasn’t anything he would eat or try. In the past 2/3 months it’s become a bit of a struggle if i’m honest. I can’t remember the last time he sat and ate an evening meal with us as a family. If he has eaten dinner it’s literally been a few tiny mouthfuls and thats it. I hate the thought of him going to bed hungry.

Breakfast he seems to be ok – he’ll eat a good breakfast but I do think that’s down to him having no dinner the previous night – he must be starving. He’ll eat either eat some cereal, toast or fruit or even some mornings he’ll have a bit of everything.

Lunch is ok – as long as I put on his plate a little selection of bits and pieces. He’s not one for a ‘meal’ – he’s not that keen on sandwiches either but he might occasionally have a nibble.

Dinner – well like I said it’s a disaster at the moment. I used to sit and watch him quite happily tuck into a meal and now I sit and watch him virtually eat nothing … some nights he’ll not even take a bite and i’m cooking things I know he used to love. I can’t remember the last time he ate some vegetables.

I keep hoping this is a phase. I did read somewhere toddlers aren’t designed to sit and eat a proper meal – they much prefer to pick and nibble throughout the day.

Does anyone else have the same with their toddler? Does anyone have any tips? Can anyone reassure me and tell me this is indeed just a phase?


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