My Baby Is Growing up!


Big night in this household last night …….. C made the transition from his cot to a big boy bed!!

He’s almost 2 and a half and for a good few nights now he’s been getting really disturbed in his cot – every time he rolled over he would bash into the side of the cot. He was waking us up on average 4/5 times a night where he was just getting stuck or caught up in his bedding … or occasionally right the way down the other end of the cot wondering where he was!!!

We bought everything yesterday afternoon for him (new bed, mattress, duvet & new bedding) and included him along the way – we kept explaining what we were doing and took him along for the ride. I picked a really cute duvet cover for him – lots of lovely bright colours and of course covered in diggers.

When it come to putting the bed together he really got involved too – he got his little toy drill and got really stuck in … he’s such a little boy where that’s concerned. Anything to do with tools and he’s there.


IMG_1237 IMG_1240 IMG_1257 IMG_1261  IMG_1268

I absolutely adore the last photo – definitely one to print out and frame I think. Daddy & his boy doing DIY x

I was unsure how he was going to be going to bed last night because not only was he moving from a cot to a bed he was moving rooms too! We’ve had him in our bedroom all this time (yes I know he’s over 2) but it’s worked out well for us – my husband has been using C’s room as his office and as it’s been working we’ve been in no rush to move him. But the time has now come – our bed and C’s full sized single bed just wouldn’t work in our room!

As night time approached we kept up the ‘new bed’ excitement and he seemed like he was really excited – he loved his new duvet cover once I had washed it & popped it on the bed.


IMG_1269 IMG_1270 IMG_1271


His first night went really quite well – when it was time for bed we walked up the stairs and into his new room … he didn’t even go towards our bedroom. He hopped straight into bed and that was it!!!! He was asleep within about 10 minutes. He did cry out a few times between 8pm & 11.20pm but he was easily settled and he woke once around 3.30am crying looking for a drink. He actually got up out of bed that time though and he only started crying when he got to the top of the stairs – we’ve never bounced out of bed so quick. So lucky we have the stair gate there.



This morning he woke up and didn’t get up, he just lay there playing with his teddies. I went in after a few minutes to see him and bought him into bed for some morning cuddles with us to chat about his first night in his bed.

Tonight was night two and just like last night he was just fine going to bed. At 7.30pm he walked up the stairs and got straight into bed with no problems. It’s now 10pm and we’ve not heard a peep out of him. Fingers crossed he has another good night tonight.

Although this has been a good transition and he’s been super about it so far, I have to admit I do feel really sad too. It’s like the end of an era with him being in a bed and no longer in a cot and also no longer being in the same room as us. I missed hearing his soft little breathing last night and his little noises he sometimes makes. I missed this morning waking up to him sitting up and saying “Morning Mummy” and him climbing over the side of the cot onto my bed. My baby is growing up and although it’s a good thing my heart is aching a little for the little baby stages that have passed.



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