Experiencing Specsavers Opticians With Children.

You may have read my previous post just after we discovered C developed a sudden squint. After his initial appointment we were on the understanding he might require glasses but we wouldn’t know until his next hospital appointment.

His second appointment was on Wednesday of last week and we did infact find out he requires glasses to help correct his squint. He only has it when he’s concentrating on something up close – his vision is perfect otherwise so he only has only been prescribed a low prescription.

I was a bit apprehensive all week about him needing them because he point blank refused to accept he needs them. He just kept saying “But I don’t need glasses” which to be honest, he was right – his vision is fine so it’s not like he’s seeing things blurry and therefore we could say the glasses would help him see better.

On Saturday morning we popped to our local Specsavers opticians and just casually just said to him we were popping into have a look at the glasses they had. C had bought along his beloved Eeyore teddy with him (he comes everywhere) and we had a look at what they had on offer. They had quite a few glasses to choose from in the boys children section. Different frames and all different colours with characters on the side. The first pair that grabbed our attention were a red pair with Mickey mouse on the arms. C loves the colour red and he loves Disney like we do so they seemed a good choice. He put them and looked at himself in the mirror and he smiled …. he seemed happy! He went onto choose another pair this time a blue pair, the same frame as the red ones but this time they had Minions on the arms. Naturally Eeyore had to have a pair too having been through the same experience at the hospital with C on Wednesday by having the same eye drops as he did. So he picked a pair for him to wear too.

Once we had chosen the two glasses he liked we went to take a seat to wait for a dispenser to call his name. Despite is being a Saturday and the store being quite busy we didn’t have to wait long, I’d say we were only sitting waiting under five minutes.

A lady called Cathy called us over and C sat down at her desk. She asked me if this was his first time wearing glasses & I said it was and that we were unsure how it would go because up until now he hasn’t shown any interest in having glasses.

I have to say Cathy was absolutely brilliant with him. She talked to him using his name & asked who his friend was and engaged in conversation about Eeyore to make C feel relaxed and comfortable. She explained what she was doing when she was trying his glasses on for size and when she used the ruler to take his measurements. C let her do everything she needed to do. Best of all though she did the exact same to Eeyore – she noted C had picked up a pair of glasses from the shelf for Eeyore and he was wearing them so she went out the back and bough out a pair of ‘glasses’ (just the frames) especially for Eeyore – a pink pair to match the colour of the insides of his ears. He even ended up with is very one glasses case with Winnie the Pooh on the front! I was delighted with that extra special touch because I was worrying how upset C was going to get when it was time to leave and we would have asked him to put the glasses he chose for Eeyore back on the shelf. She was absolutely wonderful and made the whole experience fun. We don’t collect C’s glasses until next Saturday but since our visit to Specsavers on Saturday he’s been taking much more about having glasses and he seems to be keen on getting them next week too.

It’s amazing how someone can help make a situation that bit easier.





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