Why is choosing the right car-seat so hard!

Car safety is hugely important to me when it comes to the children. I never allow either of them to go into a car without being strapped in the way they should be. The amount of times L has gone to a friends house and they all pile into the car without strapping in is alarming …. thankfully she always does.

We are coming up to possibly needing to change C’s car-seat. The current one we have needs replacing and I am actually finding it hard picking a car-seat that has everything I want in a seat & with the amount of money you spend on a car-seat I want to make sure I get the ‘right’ one. It’s not like you can test drive car-seats for a journey or two to realise maybe you picked the wrong one after all and take it back to pick another one to test drive.

C is now 2 years 8 months and he is weighing in at 15kgs. The problem i’m finding is, most car-seats only cater for children up to 18kgs in the harness straps.

Now there is no predicting how quickly C will go from 15kgs to 18kgs but I would like to ideally have him strapped in via the 5 point harness straps for longer than 18kgs (or 4 years).

Picking such a vital piece of equipment for our child is huge I think. This is a seat he will use almost everyday and whilst he sit’s back comfortably and enjoys the ride, he trusts that we have made the right decision. We are his parents and it’s our job to keep him safe and that is just what I intend to do.

What car-seats have you got and are you happy with them? Tell me the pro’s & con’s and i’ll add them to my ever growing list I already have 😉


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