Tuesday 5th May 2015 marked the day my beautiful girl started a new journey. Today was the day she had her first day at secondary school.

You might be wondering why she’s starting half way through the year, but it’s because we moved back to the UK from Ireland last week and up until then she was in primary school still. They stay in primary school for an extra year than they do here in England.

I felt so proud of her this morning at just how well she was facing it all. It’s a major change for her. In her last school there was 168 pupils in total. She could most likely name each and every child … the school she joined today has at least 1500 pupils.

When I saw her this morning in her new uniform I felt proud. She looked so grown up and so very beautiful.

I was eager for this afternoon to come. I waited all day to find out how her day had gone. I was worried incase it hadn’t gone well or no one had talked to her, but I couldn’t have been more wrong  – she come out with a big smile on her face and chatted happily about her day – she loved it and can’t wait until tomorrow.

It only seems like 5 minutes ago we waved her off on her first ever day at school – nearly 8 years on she’s grown up so very much.






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