Back to school & the weekday routine!


So that is it … the Christmas holidays are over. I personally think they’ve flown by. It doesn’t seem like they were off for more than five minutes. That’s the problems with the Christmas holidays though, it’s such a busy time and you get wrapped up in lots of different things & activities, the time flies by.

The old alarm was set once again last night … just on the odd chance C decided to sleep in (ha!). I didn’t feel too bad this morning I must admit. I had the uniforms and pack lunch all prepared so I didn’t have that to worry about first thing.

L wasn’t particularly looking forward to going back though, I think she has really enjoyed this past week relaxing and not doing very much after a busy term last term & then the rush of Christmas. I don’t think she was too pleased at being up so early either … she’s rather taken to her lie in’s these days.

Anyway we were up and ready & even left on time. C was absolutely devastated when we got to the school and realised where she was going. He’s like her little shadow and hasn’t left her side for the last two weeks. He absolutely sobbed his little heart out bless him.

So day one of being back to school is done … how did you all get on?


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