I was feeling a bit sad today, I was a bit emotional and just generally down in the dumps. For a good while now I’ve been trying C in pants whilst we’ve been at home but it’s not been going too well. He’s really not been very interested in trying to go to the toilet either on the toilet or the potty – we just kept having accident after accident. I did a post on it here recently.

Fast forward to today and we’ve been at home all day so I asked him if he wanted to try his pants again … he must have been in the mood because up he jumped and went to his drawer to decide what pair to wear … all very exciting stuff when you have an array of characters and colours to choose from.

Throughout the afternoon I kept asking him if he needed to go and he would say no then all of a sudden I would hear “Oh no” or “Nappy on” and I would find a wet patch where he was sitting! I tried to sit him on the toilet afterwards just incase there was a chance he still needed to go …. but nothing!

Something at some point must have just clicked though – he ran out to me in the garden saying ‘Come Here’ whilst holding himself – I sensed the urgency and seeing as I was by the garage I spotted a potty grabbed it and sat him down. At first we just had a few dribbles, he would then get up and say all done. I still praised the bit he did produce because up until now he’s never done anything. Over the next 5 minutes he kept running over saying “oh no” and again we would sit on the potty – this time though I tried to take his mind off it – luckily there was bird tweeting in the garden … “Listen” I said … “Can you hear that” and BINGO we had a wee – those few seconds he took his mind off what he was doing nature took it’s course and he let it go! (Sorry if you are now singing ‘Frozen’s Let it go’)

He was SO chuffed with himself, we did the whole lets go and show daddy routine, and then he had the fun of being able to flush his wee away in the toilet. Lots of praise, high fives and a very excited, happy little boy.

So there we have it one dull day was instantly brightened by another milestone – who knew wee could cheer you up so much.

After that he didn’t have to need to go again before it was time for pyjamas and nappy. He went to bed however really eager to get into pants again tomorrow morning …… only thing is … I have the food shop to do Haha! That could be interesting.


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  1. Lisa Reply

    On Sunday I was the same .. I thought we would never crack this … but i’m happy to say yesterday it did! It’s been brilliant ever since & today we even went out for almost 2 hours and he stayed dry!

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