12 years ago today we entered the most rewarding and the most hardest journey ever …. we became parents for the first time. On this day 12 years ago at 21.59 we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. No one can ever explain to you what it’s like to become parents, to have this little person rely on you for absolutely and be your entire world. The love that you have for them the second you lay eyes on them is immense. You want to just wrap them up and keep them safe and protected from any hurt or upset.

Being parents has been the best experience ever and all I ever wanted to be was a Mummy. I adore my children and I feel so very lucky and privileged to have them in my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This was L only literally an hour old ….. we hardly knew her, we didn’t know what kind of personality she would have and we were excited to begin to find out.



And here she is 12 years later at the exact time she was born:


I am so incredibly proud of her – she’s a kind, caring and thoughtful girl. This last picture is of her this evening in the restaurant just after they played Happy Birthday over the sound system and bought her out a special desert just for her.




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