Another weekend has gone and another busy weekend it was too. Here is what we got upto for our weekend.

On Saturday we decided to take C to the local ‘Snowtrax’ dry ski slopes, he absolutely loves the ringos there. We went last December for L to attend a Birthday party & he took one look at them and was desperate to have a go. I was terrified when he had his first go, he didn’t seem phased at all at the height slop or how fast they went down.

The ringos are the perfect activity for him to go on. They are from ages 3 and up whereas the ski bobs are for children 6 and above. I actually might have a go the next time we take him .. they do look like lots of fun.







He even managed to use the lift rope to bring him back up to the top of the slopes. I couldn’t believe the strength he had in his arms – he was up and down for about 35 minutes!



After the fun of the ski slopes we had to do the more mundane task of buying a new tumble dryer … I say mundane, I actually love getting new appliances, especially after my old tumble dryer broke down a few days previously and due to the wet weather we’ve been experiencing my washing basket was rapidly filling up. We ventured round a few shops before making a decision on that one we wanted. Luckily they had them in stock and because Mr S has a van we were able to take it home immediately. Since Saturday i’ve lost count of the amount of loads of washing i’ve washed and dried .. it’s been lovely!

Saturday night we went round to friends for a Chinese take-away. It was a nice end to the day especially seeing as I didn’t have to cook or wash up.

Sunday was Fathers Day. I got up with C and we got the presents sorted and made breakfast and a cuppa for mr S. I managed to drag C out until 8am before we went into wake him. He was really excited about giving Daddy his presents. L on the other hand was not so delighted she was dragged form her bed so early on a weekend Haha.

Both L & C were in a bit of a need for a summer wardrobe (if the summer ever arrives!) so we headed off to West Quay to hit the shops. We managed to deck both kids out with new clothing and of course we popped into Ikea whilst we were there … it would have been rude not to check out their sale wouldn’t it? I grabbed a bargain floor standing lamp for the lounge for £5.00 in the sale!!!!

We then come home and my sister & family come round for a roast …. even if I do say so myself the roast was pretty epic!

That was that … another weekend over and the stat of another week. I hope you all have a good one.


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