It’s official. 7 weeks today we collect the keys to our new home!!!!

This is a fairly big move for us because not only are we moving home we are moving Country!!! We are from the South of England but 7 years ago we moved to the Republic of Ireland. For various reasons we’ve wanting to move back home for a while. This past year has all been about trying to make it happen.

It’s not very easy trying to organise new homes and schools for L whilst living in a different Country, but it is doable. But I am happy to say we have all those things in place.

Although this move is very much wanted and we are very excited, we are also very nervous. Living here for the past 7 years has been our way of live – we’re used to the way of living here (which is very different to the UK). Packing up a 3 storey house with a toddler in tow is going to be interesting and we also have some decorating to do before we leave this house.

The biggest and most hardest thing about moving though will be leaving my best friend behind ….. My Mum. She also moved here when we did 7 years ago and at the moment they are unable to move back but they are planning a move themselves back home in the foreseeable future. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later. I see my mum at least 3/4 times a week, I like having her close by and of course the children adore her & my Step-dad.

I am so very excited about being back home though – back to my friends and back to the best place you could live (in my opinion anyway 😉 ) Our new home will be a short walk to the beach!!!

We are moving!!!!


We’ll also be surrounded by things to do with L & C – something we’ve struggled with living here – there really isn’t much to do for them weekends & school holidays. It’s going to be SO good having lots of lovely things to do and places to visit.

The weather! Oh how i’m looking forward to having some decent weather again – we seem to have a blanket of cloud over us most of the time here and i’m craving some clear blue skies and sunnier days!

We are moving!!!!


When we visited family last year we looked around a potential school and we all fell in love with it – especially L so we are delighted this week to be able to secure her a place starting at the beginning of May. I think it’s helped L so much being able to visualise the school rather than just turning up on the first day having never been for a look around.

So I guess I now need to hunt down some decent moving boxes. It’s quite hard ordering them online because without really seeing them it’s hard to gauge if they’ll be big enough and hard wearing. Does anyone have any recommendations?





  1. Congratulations on your big move! Sounds very exciting I hope it goes well for you. 7 weeks is just around the corner! That’s wonderful L got to view the school first. Always lovely when the children can see a nice as a positive one. Not sure about the boxes :/ we were lucky when we lived that my dad was able to get us some from his work. Hope you find some though xxx

  2. Gary @ Kirsty Freer Reply

    I love your blogs Lisa they are so brilliant to read
    Keep up the good work xx

    • Lisa Reply

      Aww thank you so much. That really means a lot, i’m pleased you enjoy reading it x

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