I’m into my thirties and I have officially never been camping before. It’s something that if i’m honest hasn’t interested me in the past but I have to admit this past year or two i’ve actually began to change my mind. The closest holiday/break i’ve had to camping has to have been staying on a holiday camp in a static caravan. When I was younger we holidayed many a time in various holiday parks all over the South of England and the Isle of Wright. I’ve got lots of fond memories of the kids entertainment & clubs, the swimming pools and the caravans themselves. We’ve taken L on a few when she was younger as well and she really enjoyed them.

We’re absolute beginners at camping and we don’t even own a tent yet so when I received “The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016” from Halfords I realised it was all we need to help us figure out what there is to know, where to go and what to buy for our first camping trip.


The handy guide is perfect sized and packed full of information. From tourist hotspots , cycle events, campsites and events on eight areas of the Uk & Wales from as far as Scotland to right down on the south coast in Cornwall & so much more. It’s easy to read, with pictures and good descriptions to help you choose where you would like to stay.

The guide also has handy hints and tips on various things like how to keep children occupied whilst you’re away, a beginners guide to camping, the do’s and don’ts for newbies, picking the perfect tent, camping recipes and so much more. I will find the check list at the back of the book really handy when it comes to buying our camping equipment.






Seeing as we’re newbies i’ve been looking at what kind of tents are available and i’m really surprised at how many there are to choose from. Ideally we would get a pretty good sized one so we don’t feel like we’re all on top of one another.

Mr S & L are both really keen on giving camping a go too so I am delighted. Whether it will be for us time will tell but you have to try these adventures don’t you? I know C will adore it because he’s such an outdoors-y kind of boy …. he would quite happily play outside in all weathers.

Do you go camping? What are you favourite things to do & favourite places to visit? Do you have any tips for us?

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