I have recently been tagged by the lovely Gemma over at The McAllen’s Blog for this award. Thanks Gemma!

If you haven’t heard of the Liebster award before, it’s  basically an award that is by bloggers, for bloggers. It’s passed from person to person to encourage connection and support within our writing community, and to aid in the discovery of new and upcoming bloggers. (Taken from Google)

The rules for taking part are as simple as this:

1.  Acknowledge, link back and thank the person that nominated you.
2.  Use the Liebster Award image to add to the post.
3.  Answer 11 questions given to you
4.  Nominate up to 11 bloggers.
5.  Don’t forget to let these bloggers know!
6.  Give them 11 questions to answer

  Here are the questions Gemma asked me & my answers in response 🙂

1) Where did you last go on holiday?
Well we did visit family back home whilst we were living in Ireland for the past two years but I never really classed that as a holiday. So i’m going to say Disney in Florida was our last holiday.
2) If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?
I presume you mean winning big? If so I would made sure I was mortgage free – not to have to worry about paying for a roof over our heads forever would be just amazing. I would also like to give a nice chunk to very close family members so they could choose to pay it off their mortgages too. I don’t think I would go over the top with spending it all on luxury items either – I would update the car but I would still stick with a family car, not a Ferrari or the equivalent, I would have a holiday .. again just your average family holiday, why waste thousands on fancy hotels, but of course it would be Disneyworld though! I would most definitely like to have a nest egg in the bank as well as back up and security for life.
3) If you could have any super power which would it be?
Oooh tough one ….. to be able to go back in time I think. To things I want to re-live or to see people who are no longer with us just to have a quick chat. I’m not on about going back in time and staying there but popping back to various events for a day maybe.
4) If you could change anything about your life what would it be?
Not to have moved abroad.
5) What was your first job?
Oh gosh … aside from babysitting when I was much younger I think my first ever job was in a hair salon on a Saturday helping out.
6) What’s your favourite TV programme?
Can I be cheeky and say 3??  Eastenders (sad I know) One Born Every Minute & The Great British Bake Off. Love them!
7) If you had to give up something forever what would it be?
Oooh hard one …. but I think i’m going to say meat! So pleased I don’t have to though lol
8) If you could invent anything what would it be?
A cure for cancer! Too many people are crushed with this either themselves or through friends/family.
9) Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?
Gosh I don’t know – where I would like to see myself in 10 years though ….. obviously the ‘being healthy and happy along with the rest of the family’ but I would like to see myself working in medicine somewhere. Either Children’s Nursing or Midwifery.
10) Do you have any hobbies (other than blogging!)?
Obviously blogging & vlogging (when I get the chance!) But if i’m honest I don’t really have any.
11) How long have you been blogging?
From today (3rd August) I have been blogging for 7 months exactly! It’s my Blogs 7th Month Birthday today 🙂
I thoroughly enjoyed answering these questions Thanks Gem.
I would now like to nominate:
Claire over at – The Witt Family
Kerry over at – Lived With Love
Laura over at – Laura Summers
Alice over at – New Young Mum
Amy over at – Everything Mummy
Tanita over at – Just Motherhood
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My Questions for you are:
1) What Countries have you visited?
2) Describe parenting in three words?
3) Are you a sweet or savoury person?
4) What is your earliest memory?
5) If I had a genie lamp and granted you three wishes, what would they be?
6) Can you speak any other languages other than English?
7) What has blogging brought to you?
8) What is your favourite season?
9) What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
10) If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?
11) If you could sit on a bench with someone (past or present) for an hour, who would it be?
 I’m looking forward to reading all of your answers 🙂





    • Lisa Reply

      Thanks Laura – well that would be the hope. Wether I can/will is a different story. I’ve wanted to do it since I was 17 though.

  1. I’m with you on the GBBO – fab programme and I’m looking to see how this year’s bakers develop `;0 #TheList

    • Lisa Reply

      Me too! I love it and every Wednesday I sit down with my daughter and we always have something nice to eat whilst we watch it. Sometimes if we have time in the day we bake something to have during the programme 🙂

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