Monday 22nd August 2016

If you have read my pervious summer holidays posts you’ll know Mondays tend to be a bit of a home day for us during the holidays. So we just pottered about doing household chores and C played with his toys.

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

C & I went to Adventure Wonderland today with a couple of people from my work and their kids. The weather was absolutely glourious and we had such a great day.

Summer Holidays Week 6

Summer Holidays Week 6

Wednesday 24th August 2016

We met a friend and my sister at Moors Valley Country Park. We’ve not been there yet this summer so it was nice to do something different. The weather was again really hot and sunny but because you’re in the forest for half of it the trees kept us in the shade which was really handy. We walked loads today though and my poor feet were feeling it especially after being out all day yesterday too … and I had to go to work tonight too!!! Boy I ached. The highlight of the day has to be the Poo Disaster!

Summer Holidays Week 6

Summer Holidays Week 6

Summer Holidays Week 6

Thursday 25th August 2016

C & I met a friend at the park first thing. We sat and had a catch up whilst the kids played. We must have been there a good few hours in the end.

The best bit about today’s date though marked the day my parents finally moved back home from Ireland. Although they left and started their journey yesterday they weren’t due to arrive until today. So it’s all finally over! We all live back here where we belong. It’s SO nice having them back close again. They are staying with us for 3/4 nights until they get their place sorted and beds unpacked. So I spent the afternoon sorting out beds and sleeping arrangements and eagerly awaited their arrival.

Friday 26th August 2016

We we meant to be going over to toddler group again this morning but due to my parents being here we didn’t go .. instead we let them go ahead to their new place to be there for when the lorries arrived then later on that day we headed over to see them. So much nicer having a 30 minute drive to see them rather than a 12 hour one Haha.





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