Such a Contrast ….

….. to the beginning of the week. Here is my post I published on Monday and it’s safe to say today has been the complete opposite.

Today has been actually really lovely. Nothing in particular has happened either. This morning I was pretty productive housework wise. I like to try and get all of my house tidy on a Friday (I do bits everyday but I try and get the whole house tidy on a Friday) and have all the beds stripped and washed. There’s something really nice about having it all done for the weekend.

C has a music class on a Friday but not until 11.45 so I had a bit of time this morning to do some jobs. I felt like I had a good head start.

I throughly enjoy taking C to his music class because he loves it so much. I love watching him learn all the actions to the various songs & enjoy seeing the joy he gets playing with the musical instruments. He’s really leant so much in the few weeks we’ve been going – I noticed he was also trying to sing along today too.

When we got home my Mum popped by for a quick cup of tea and a catch up, and this afternoon I carried on doing the rest of the house and just generally pottered whilst spending time with C.

I laid out some arts & crafts to keep him occupied for the first time and he absolutely loved it. This is something we’ll be doing more of in the near future.

IMG_0883IMG_0882 2IMG_0880

Have you all had a good Friday? x




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