Having lived in Ireland for the best part of 10 years, the area we lived in was the home of Munster Rugby. The City’s celebrations for the sport and their profound proudness for their team was regularly demonstrated across the city. Giant decorations of Munster Rugby shirts hung across the streets on occasions akin to how festive christmas decorations adorn city’s around the world.

The team’s stars were regularly seen in public going about their day to day business or supporting local events, then the next minute were being seen on screen’s internationally as they competed on the world stage.

Whenever Munster Rugby played there wasn’t a pub or house in town that wasn’t roaring with fierce support from every man, woman and child that belonged to the city, screaming at their TV’s for a win.

In turn, the stars of the team were just as loyal to their supporters and were never too busy or too famous to pose for a photo or sign a shirt or Rugby Ball.

Here is a picture of me with Team Captain Paul O’Connell:


There is something that inspires and warms you when you see such a passionate bond between people created for a love of sport and in particular a team. This is particularly demonstrated in A Pass Around the World…

In honour of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Allianz are celebrating their partnership with Saracens RFC by creating an online initiative to bring people from all walks of life and all around the world through Rugby.

Saracens and Allianz are calling all sports fans, enthusiast and anyone who wants to have some fun to upload their rugby pass to the Pass Around The World Website – www.passaroundtheworld.com

You can win great prizes if you upload your pass online from a £150 Tickermaster voucher to exclusive Saracen prizes, such as tickets to see them play, signed rugby balls and their top prize of lunch with the team after attending a training session.

Here is a link to the video to find out more about Pass Around The World:

It’s easy to participate:

1) Get mobile ready: Remember to turn your phone side ways to film your pass.

2) Film your pass: The ball must come in in from the left and out through the right. What you do inbetween is up to you.

3) Upload: Make sure your video is no more than 10 seconds long and is under 30MBs. Upload it on our website and share it with your friends.

4) WIN: All entries will be submitted into a prize draw (terms and conditions apply, please visit www.passaroundtheworld.com for more information)

Good Luck.

This post is a collaborative post. This blog is only promoting this campaign. Please refer to the website mentioned above for all terms and conditions. All prizes are provided from Pass Around The World. All videos are to be uploaded to the above address and not to this blog post.




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