It’s a little late I know but we had another busy weekend (and a busy few days to to the start of this week)

Saturday was another nice day weather wise, the sun was shining and although it wasn’t as nice as the previous weekend it was still warm. We took C swimming, which he adores. He’s so confident in the water and he’s not afraid of going under which I think is good for him to be used too.

Sundays weather wasn’t brilliant – it started off nice and sunny but the afternoon turned a little cloudy. Not too bad though and we still had a lovely day. In our local town there was a Supercar show so we headed in for a look around some very expensive cars! The high street was closed off with International food & drink stalls, live bands and children’s rides. We didn’t stay too long, enough time to have a walk round & soak up some of the gorgeous food smells from various stalls though.


Walking back to the car I still had to pinch myself that we live here now, I adore the area we live in. So many beautiful places to visit and gorgeous scenery right on our doorstep. I’ll never take it for granted again after living away for so many years.


We spent the afternoon pottering in the garden, doing some weeding and tidying up and enjoyed a BBQ with my sister, brother in law & little nephew.

Spending time with family is what weekends is all about isn’t it?




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