One of those days....

One of those days!

You know the one? The one where things go wrong and things irritate you more than they should. Things that have annoyed me today so far (and it’s only 16.41)

  • It’s Monday … the first school morning after the weekend. It’s not a ‘chill’ out morning is it?
  • The printer wouldn’t connect with my wifi & laptop for something I needed to print
  • We phoned up about a possible house to rent – it’s 3 bedrooms yet us having two children was a big No No! (as if moving Country isn’t already hard enough)
  • The trolley whilst doing my food shop annoyed me (I hate supermarket trollies!!!)
  • The bag I was adding my potatoes to broke at the bottom so they ended up all over the place
  • C is point blank refusing to take his antibiotics for (yet more) tonsillitis!
  • The Dr thought I was being an inconvenience ringing him to change C’s antibiotics to another flavour
  • I can’t be bothered to tidy up & cook the dinner!

Ahhhhh that even feels better writing that down! As you can tell it’s been one of those days. I am planning on doing the dinner (don’t worry of course i’m going to cook 😉 ) getting the kids to bed and having some chocolate in front of Eastenders (yes I know i’m sad but I like Eastenders).





    • Lisa Reply

      Glad i’m not the only one! Yes it has thank you. I have just been blogging about how lovely today was 🙂 x

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