I had never heard of the One Lovely Blog Award until I was nominated by Yummymummysblog – thank you. It means a lot you’ve chosen me as one of your 10 🙂


For those of you who have been nomination and also haven’t heard of this before here are the rules:

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post

2. Share seven things about yourself

3. Nominate ten bloggers for the award

Now here are seven things about me:

1) I have two children (L who’s nearly 12 & C who’s 2.5ys)

2) I currently live in ROI but we’re planning on a move back home to the South of England in a few weeks – home is where the heart is 🙂

3) I have a YouTube channel – come and check it out.

4) I have just one sister who is 5 years younger than I am

5) I absolutely love anything Disney – DisneyWorld in Florida is the best holiday ever!

6) I have been married for 12 years (13 years in April) and have been with my husband for 16 years

7) We would like to re-new our wedding vows on our 15th Wedding Anniversary (In Florida would be nice!)

8)  The tops of my ears aren’t round … they have little bends in the making them looking like a 50p coin

9) My Birthday is a Palindrome (my birthdate reads the same backwards) and so does my daughters – my son was born a day early from his birthdate being a Palindrome – it’s extremely rare (to be born on one’s palindromic birthday. The probability of that is about one in three million) so I feel rather special 🙂

10) I hate wearing odd socks – I just can’t do it lol

Here are the 10 blogs I now nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award.

1) Lived With Love

2) The Witt Family

3) Just Motherhood

4) 2.2 Children & a Dog

5) Oh So Amelia

6) You Baby Me Mummy 

7) Leah And Two

8) Bump To Baby

9) Fun Being Mum

10) Emily And Indiana

I am also linking up with You Baby Me Mummy & Mums’ Days Linky #TheList






  1. Aw it would be so lovely to renew your vows! I want to do that some day when we’ve been together as long as you guys have Inspirational. #TheList

    • Lisa Reply

      We’ve not been since 2011 and I so want to go back soon! Can’t wait to take C. L loved it as much as we do 🙂 x

  2. Lisa Reply

    I know I didn’t actually realise it was as rare as it is x #TheList

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