It was just a normal Monday evening, we were sat at the table eating dinner when the doorbell rang. To our (massive surprise) we opened it to my step-dad who had flown over to do some business locally and wasn’t due to return home until the next day so we had him for 24 whole hours! (If you’ve read some previous posts you’ll know they still live away from us in another Country, after we made the move back last year. Until now they’re still there .. hopefully for not too much longer now though)

Both C  & L were delighted to see him (well we all were) C was literally bouncing off the walls. He misses him dearly and we haven’t seen him in 5 months.

I unfortunately had to go to work last night as normal, about an hour after he arrived, but I knew we had all of today with him.

Today was really lovely. Mum tends to visit every 7/8 weeks & when they both come in the Summer & Christmas it’s together, so to have just him visit this time was really special. This morning as soon as C woke he wanted to go in and wake him. I managed to make him last until 8am and as soon as he went into his room the giggles started. It really warms your heart. He’s laughed and giggled all day.

We spent the morning having breakfast & mooching in the garden. C loved the company & played lots of games with him & we spent some time doing a few bits in the garden, moving flowers & potting plants.

My sister, brother in law & nephew popped over at lunchtime and we all went out for something to eat to a local harvester.

The ordinary moments like today really is what makes you happy. Family mean the world to me and I can’t wait until they’re back and we’re all close together once again.

Waving him off this evening as expected, we saw tears and sad faces from the kids. Usually we wave them off knowing we won’t see him again for a good 5/6 months but this time the countdown is a lot less and it made the goodbyes a lot easier.




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  1. So lovely and what a wonderful surprise for you. I can imagine what a lovely day it was. I agree its definitely the ordinary moments that make me the happiest too. xx

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