Seeing as we are 6 months in (well just a little bit over) I thought I would update on how i’m getting on with my 2015 Goals. You can see my Goals for 2015 in a post here.

1) – Savings Tin – Back in January I bought myself a little tin and begun adding at least €1 a day – I was only using €1 & €2 coins so it soon added up and started to feel heavy. Ideally I would have liked to have filled the tin but as we moved in April, I obviously had to open it because we would no longer be living in a Country using Euros. I was really surprised at how much I had saved in such a short space of time & I never really noticed the odd few coins coming out of my purse each day. I haven’t started another one as yet but I do plan on starting a new tin now we’re back using £1 & £2 coins instead.

2) 365 Project – I had planned on taking photos every day of the children and uploading them to the 365 project so I could to see how much they changed over the year. I was doing really well but when C was taken into hospital, getting the camera out and snapping a photo of him was the last thing on my mind. Plus L was staying with my Mum so I wasn’t able to take many of her either. So the 365 project did fail but I have been making sure I take lots of photos of them both, especially since we’ve moved back here. I’m making lots of memories of the things we get up to.

3) Memory Jar – Again this got off to a good start but once the jar got packed away for the big move it’s kind of not really come back out yet 🙁 I have been documenting special moments and milestones on the blog though, so does that count?

4) Drink more water/fluids – I have been doing much better with this – I have been making an effort to drink more – some days I could still do better but I have improved!

5) Stop stressing and worrying so much – Ahhhh well yes, this is a tough one .. moving house (and Country) certainly had a lot of stresses and so did registering our car for UK registration but on the whole I have stopped worrying about certain things I guess.

6) Have some earlier nights – Hmmmm …. lol could be doing more of this!

7) Make new friends – This is ongoing – we’ve not been here long! Hopefully though I will do.

8) Make more time for me – No, this hasn’t really happened at all – must try and do this.

9) Cupboard and house organisation – Working progress – I still have some of this to do – unpacking boxes takes time doesn’t it?

10) Try and reduce waste – I think i’ve improved on this actually – for a start our wheelie bins are smaller here and we’ve been doing ok so that’s a good sign.

11) Get the house finished – Well yes we finally did get it all finished and decorated – only to move out and rent it out to tenants. Ahh well at least it’s a completed goal eh?

12) Making memories – As I said above I have been doing that by taking lots of photos, videos and uploading special key dates to my blog 🙂

13) Have a family holiday booked by the end of 2015 – This hasn’t happened as yet – we’ve still got 6 months though!

So there you go – not doing too bad and i’ve still got 6 months left to continue and improve on certain areas.


How are you doing with your 2015 goals/resolutions?




  1. I love how you’ve been doing. Particularly on the savings tin. Totally understand you had to open it, but it’s amazing to realize how much you did save in those few months. #thelist

  2. You had so many great goals, so don’t beat yourself up for not smashing them all yet… There is still time! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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