Missing In Action!

Hello! Long time no see. It’s been a while since I last did a blog post. We’ve had a bit of a week if i’m honest. C has been really poorly and he was admitted into hospital for 4 nights last week. I obviously had a lot more on my mind rather than blogging & being on social networks.

He is now thankfully a lot better and back to his usual self and we are home. I can’t believe we’re into February already!!!! We’ve got lots to do over the next few months because our big move is creeping nearer and nearer. We’ve got some house decorating to do, de-cluttering, packing and sorting ……. and time is ticking.

Anyway just a short post for now. I will do a separate post on C’s hospital admission and stay later on. More so for my own benefit so we can remember what happened and when incase we need it for future reference. Also to maybe pass on some knowledge we learnt during our stay in hospital incase it helps anyone else with a child who has/had the same as he did.

Anyway it’s Monday so it means food shopping for us … i’m off to write my shopping list and do my meal plan 🙂




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