Long time no blog. We are also in to a brand New Year too. Happy 2016 everyone. I hope you have all have had a nice Christmas.

I have so much catching up to do and lots has been happening here (hence my lack of posting) but it’s a New Year and I am raring to go with It’s a Blogs Life.

So what has been happening …. well back sometime at the end of October I randomly one night browsed the internet for evening jobs. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I come across a job advertised that would work perfectly around the family – it was in the evenings, which meant S would be home to watch the children whilst they were in bed. I applied, and honestly didn’t think anymore about it. I’ve not worked since before Lauren was born so I don’t have much of a CV. However to my surprise a few days later I received an email offering me an interview!! Now I began to panic. I hadn’t attended an interview for years and years and I worried I wouldn’t be confident enough. But sure enough though I found myself replying and accepting the interview date.

The morning of the interview I didn’t feel as nervous and I had expected. I went along and found the whole thing really quite enjoyable and easy … as in I was able to answer everything I was asked and ended up having a 1hr 30 min interview when I was told at the beginning it would only be around half an hour – the time just flew by.

I still wasn’t expecting things to go any further, but a few days later I ended up getting offered the job. I can’t tell you how much that boosted my confidence, it felt amazing. I’ve now been working there for about 8 weeks and I really do enjoy it, I like the fact i’m meeting others on my team, there are talks of nights out & I feel like i’m actually doing something rather then sitting in front of the TV seven nights a week. I work four nights a week – 20.00 – 00.00. At first the lateness of it took a while to get adjusted to, especially when getting up in the morning when C wakes up. I tend to go to bed around 1am because I can’t just come in and go straight to bed.

The only downside to it though, is I took the job on knowing it was only a temporary contract for the Christmas period – I have been extended a few extra weeks but as it stands at the moment they don’t have anything to offer me permanently, which is a huge shame because I would like to have stayed on. We’ll have to just see what happens over the next few weeks.

Christmas for us this year was really very lovely. We had my parents over for almost three weeks over Christmas & New Year and we were able to spend the seasonal period with my Sister & Brother in Law. We’ve been all living apart for the last 6ish years so we’ve not all been together for Christmas for a long time. Our house was full of excitement, happiness, joy and laughter … just how I like it.

Now we’re into 2016 I hope we have a happy, healthy and prosperous year – last year was tough at times for us and we had a big move to make and a new business to set up. I am also super excited at the prospect of becoming an Auntie any day now. My Sister is expecting her first baby, my nephew in just under two weeks. This little boy is a miracle, six years in the waiting and after a failed IVF he’s coming along to join the family. I cannot wait to meet him and experiencing the love and joy as as Auntie and not as a parent (if you get what I mean). I am also overjoyed at being asked to be a second birthing partner jointly with my Mum. Our local hospital only allow two birthing partners so Mum & I will swap over every so often to be an extra support for both my Sister & Brother in Law. Being a birth partner is something i’ve always dreamed of and to be able to get the opportunity to be one is one that I feel so honoured to be asked to do.

Anyway that is what has been happening here for the past few months. It has been an busy time for us. It’s been full on and rather quite busy at times!

Here’s to 2016 x





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