I can’t believe we are into March already! I felt like I blinked and February whizzed by. I for one am so pleased though we’re heading into this month. I’ve had enough of the Winter now and I am ready for the Spring. Here are some things i’m looking forward to this month:

1) Spring – I really do love spring time. After what seems like a long Winter, I love the transition from dark, grey, glum, cold days to brighter, sunnier, cheerier days.

2) The better weather – although it’s raining here this morning (again) – i’m so over rain and the Wintery weather! I love having my windows open and listening to the birds tweeting away.

3) Lighter mornings – I really do dislike getting up in the morning in the dark. It’s been so nice these past few days waking up around 7.15 – 7.30 to daylight!!!

4) A good old spring clean – is it just me but, when the sun is shining it really spurs me on to get a proper clean on in the house – you know the kind …. windows, skirting boards etc.

5) Mothers Day – a day for me …. what more can I ask for 🙂

6) L’s Birthday – she’ll be turning 12 at the end of March – I still can’t believe my first born will be 12 this year!

7) All of the lovely flowers – I absolutely love daffodils and tulips – they really do brighten the house up and make everything seem so cheery.

Have you got anything you’re really looking forward to this month?

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  1. Great post and spot on. You have really reminded me how excited I am we are coming into spring. I’m already loving the wan ember brighter sunnier days. They do make me so happy x

  2. i can relate to the lighter mornings! Roll on summer! I hate getting up when it’s dark and getting home from work when it’s dark! So depressing. Never really enjoyed a bit of sunshine this week!

    • Lisa Reply

      The lighter mornings this week have been so much better. We just need some good weather now – so far this month it’s been awful – grey skies and rain!

  3. Mama Ramblings Reply

    I can’t believe it is March either! Like you I love that Spring is on the way and the lighter mornings make the 6.30am wake up calls slightly less painful (only slightly!). We have a busy month full of family visits which we are really looking forward to but I think March will fly by as a result! Have a great one 🙂 #thelist

    • Lisa Reply

      It’s been so lovely waking up to lighter mornings. I hope you have a good month too x #TheList

  4. Lovely list, I’ve been thinking this exact thing today. After a dull Winter I’m so ready for the sun now! Bring it on! x

    • Lisa Reply

      Bring it on indeed! So far this month the weather has been awful – grey skies and rain!

  5. I’m loving the amount of sunshine – only needing the heating on ‘twice’ instead of all day while we are home is a bonus too!

    Looking forward to it being warm enough to get outside for some long walks without feeling like my face might fall off too! Haha x

    • Lisa Reply

      I am SO looking forward to some good weather – so far this month it’s been awful. Grey and raining every day … hurry up Spring.

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