Hello July!

Another month has gone by and we have less months till Christmas than we’ve already had since last Christmas if that makes sense! Time is flying by.

Lets hope July actually brings some us some nice sunny weather. We’ve had the odd nice day during the past month but nothing long term. I’ve remembered sunny days in the past to last for weeks .. not just a day before the rain comes again. It’s actually been more like Autumn recently with the rain and grey clouds we’ve experienced. We’ve already had the longest day too which means each day will get darker in the evenings little by little. So come on Summer …. we’re waiting for you.

June for us has seen a nice surprise visit from my step-dad for the night, he totally took us by surprise by turning up at our doorstep one evening, and we spent the next day together before he had to head back home again. We hadn’t seen him in 6 months so it was really lovely to spend some quality time with him.

We’ve had some fun days out – most recently we visited Adventure Wonderland for the day which was really enjoyable, and we’ve had some fun packed weekends too – we’ve taken C to the dry ski slopes, we’ve been swimming loads of times (lost count actually, we try to go most weekends and if not sometimes in the evenings), we’ve had walks down the beach, and we visited the ‘Wheels Festival” in Bournemouth at the beginning of the month

Bournemouth Wheels Festival
C on the Police Bike at the Wheels Festival

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

C has this month really got to grips with riding his bike. He’s outside riding up and down the patio all the time and since he’s gained confidence and strength we have started taking him out on it. If we’ve gone for a walk down the beach we’ll load the bike into the car and he’ll be as happy as anything cycling along when we get there. I can’t believe how far he’s been going actually considering he’s only got little legs!

IMG_9441 IMG_9645

Mudeford Beach Huts
The beach huts in Mudeford


C and I on the Land Train at Mudeford

L has been gaining more confidence this month with meeting up with friends and going into town with them on weekends which is good for her. Apart from that she’s your average teen! She spends a lot of time in her bedroom and when she doesn’t she’s not full of the conversation haha.

So June, you’ve been a busy one …. July will see both kids finish up school & pre-school for the Summer holidays and hopefully lots and lots of this:

Avon Beach
Clear blue skies and sun!

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