Can you believe the first month of the year has already gone? Usually January is a month that drags for me, especially after such a busy lead up to Christmas .. however this January was completely different …. this January we had something special to countdown to.

January 18th 2016 has been a special date in our diary for a while now. It was the due date for my new Nephew. My sister & brother in laws were expecting their first baby. A long awaited baby I might add, so the month ticked by nice and quickly whilst we waited on his arrival.

On Thursday 21st January we welcomed our little nephew into the world and I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing his birth. I feel completely honoured to have been a part of something so special. I have been through labour and birth twice myself but seeing what happens is just priceless. The human body is just amazing. C is absolutely smitten with his new cousin as is L, it’s so lovely to see.

IMG_7583 2 IMG_7586











Another milestone for January was C starting pre-school. I will do an updated post on how he has settled in soon but it has gone a lot better than I had hoped for.


Seeing as we’ve been expecting the arrival of our new family member we have had my Mum over to stay with us for the past two weeks. I’ve throughly enjoyed her company & having her around. We waved her off this morning hoping that it won’t be too long until she’s back for her next visit.



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