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Clean eating & exercise!


So seeing as we’re into a New Year what better time to start. I’m planning on eating all the Christmas chocolates that we still have left in the house, then we’re good to go!

I must admit we do eat rather clean anyway but I would like to make a few changes to our diets. I want to switch from white rice to brown & white pasta to whole grain. We already eat wholegrain bread but I occasionally buy tortilla wraps and for some reason I buy them in white.

I am going to switch my cooking oil to olive oil and i’ll use a spray bottle too, so i’m using minimal amounts each time.

We’re going to cut down on the amount of meat we eat and up the amount of fish intake (I want to try and eat fish twice a week if I can …. the family aren’t so keen on this one!)

Body size wise I’m happy but I definitely need to tone up certain areas. Seeing as I have C at home with me, it’s not easy getting out to the gym so i’ll be relying on doing workouts at home. I want to gradually build myself up rather than take a huge step by doing something drastic like the 30 day shred (I hear it’s tough!!!!). It’s been a while since I last did any exercise. I need to be gentle 😉

Does anyone have any recommendations on home workouts I can try? Do you have any tips on clean eating .. is there anything i’m forgetting? Any good blogs you can point me in the right direction maybe?


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