On Saturday, Dorset Emergency Services were holding a Blue Light Fire Safety Event for kids in a town local to us. The event was running entirely free to raise awareness and to be able to get up close and personal with emergency response vehicles and equipment. As you may or may not know C is totally fire engine/fireman obsessed so I knew he would absolutely love it.

When we arrived I was surprised at how much there was on display and how many demonstrations they were holding at various times of the day.

We were able to sit inside a fire engine which cleverly had a projector set up in front of the windscreen driving through the town with the sound of the siren – it actually felt like we were driving along attending a 999 call.

We had a very interesting chat with a Fireman at one particular demonstration – it actually opened your eyes up to a few things some people would have never even thought of.

For example, did you know that multi plug sockets can be a fire hazard if the amps are exceeded with multiple accessories?

I’m not just talking about the multi plug (cube block) kind, the one’s half hanging out of the plug socket where it has been overloaded with one accessory plug after another, but also the strip multi-plug extension leads we all assume as a safer alternative.

Each plug socket in your house can safely take 13 amp’s. So if you have a strip extension lead, and one accessory plugged in is 3 amp’s (e.g Hair Straighteners) a second is 3 amps (e.g Hair Tongues), a third is 3 amps (Radio) then already you have a total of 9 amps, but you may already have a further three plug sockets available for use on the strip.

Now you plug in your hair dryer (13 Amps) and you have far exceeded the safe level total of 13 amps that the plug socket your strip extension lead is plugged into.

Most people rely on the fact that everything is fused, but fuses do fail and if it overloads and the fuses don’t work like they are supposed to it can cause disastrous consequences.

Another interesting fact is that everything has a shelf life including your smoke alarms. Did you know that the Fire Brigade offer a service where by they will come out to your home and assess any potential risks, like a lack of smoke alarms etc in your property, and they will fit new ones free of charge? All in the aid of prevention!

This is an admirable service that saves lives

As part of the demonstrations in the middle of the field they had a huge area sectioned off in which they acted out a scene which involved a chip pan fire – they showed how dangerous it is to leave them unattended and if they catch fire how much worse you can make the situation if you use water on it. We were quite far away from the fireball you can see pictured above but we could feel the heat on our faces even at that distance. A reminder of how truly awful it would be to find yourself in that situation in an enclosed environment. C stood the whole time mesmerised and participated at the appropriate times shouting fire when required.

He was able to sit in a Police Buggy & a Police Car too and he had the opportunity to try on various helmets.

The whole event was very informative and the whole point is to aid prevention through education.





























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