#Blogtober 2016 day 5 is all about what career I had planned as a child.

I think the first job I remember wanting to do when I was grown up was to be an air stewardess, although these days they’re called cabin crew I think.

I was lucky enough as a child to visit a fair few places and I travelled quite a bit on a plane. I would sit fascinated watching the cabin crew go about their job.

I’ve always loved airports as well, and when I was younger I used to go over to Heathrow’s roof gardens with my grandparents to watch the planes take off and land. I remember one year going over with them for the opening of the new terminal two – I was as happy as anything sat there people watching – wondering where they were going on their trip – was it for business or pleasure? To be honest i’m still the same now, when i’ve ever had to go to the airport to collect someone i’ll quite happily sit there for ages just watching everything and everyone … i’m a bit of a plane geek Haha.

I did apply to Virgin for my work experience at Heathrow when I was in year 9 at school. My grandparents lived 5 minutes away from Heathrow so I would have been able to stay with them for the two weeks. I got a lovely reply from them saying they weren’t able to offer me anything because they left opportunities like that for schools in the local area. I was living 100 miles away so it was understandable.

Would I still want to do the same job now I am an adult … no I wouldn’t. I still love airports and planes but I wouldn’t want a job as cabin crew. I think it’s a pretty lonely job, I follow someone on Instagram who is one and she flies long haul, spends a day or two alone in a hotel room sleeping off her time differences to get up and do it all again back home .. and put up with the jet lag once again. I would hate to be away from the family for days at a time too. That said I wouldn’t say no to her perks!!! She will quite often get to take her family and friends to all sorts of destinations, how cool what that be. They get to fly business class too.

What did you want to do as you were growing up? Are you doing that job now?




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