So #Blogtober2016 Day 4 is about sharing a secret about me!

This has been a tough one to write about to be honest. I don’t have any ‘big’ secrets … but the one thing I can think about is a tad embarrassing but here goes.

I can’t swallow tablets! Be if for pain or antibiotics. I used to be able to but, when I was around 12 I was on a school trip once and got a headache, I had some paracetamol packed away in my bag so I took two … one of them however went down sideways and got stuck in my throat – it panicked me and I couldn’t get it out for ages. I was sat on a coach too so couldn’t even do much apart from sit there.

Ever since then I’ve never been able to take them again! My throat just clams shut and doesn’t allow anything to go down – I can hardly even swallow water sometimes. I have tried SO many times over the years but I could literally be stood there for ages trying to gulp down a tablet to the point where i’ll be sick because i’ve swallowed pints of water. How stupid it that??

I have to ask the Dr for liquid antibiotics if I’ve needed them (so cringeful!) and I have to take liquid paracetamol. I’d prefer an injection over taking a tablet.

I’ve even considered some sort of therapy to help me get over this because it would be so much easier to swallow a tablet if I ever needed to take something. Is there even such a thing? Haha!

Not many people know about it, i’m too embarrassed to tell anyone and here I am announcing it on my blog for all to read! But hey ho, it’s a secret none the less and that’s what todays topic is all about.





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