#Blogtober2016 Day 3 …. If I won the lottery I would? ….

Winning the lottery has probably been a thought of most people at some time – you quite often hear people during a conversations say “Ahh now if I was to won the lottery ….”

To some people that dream really does come true and I can’t imagine how that must feel. But the chances are just so so slim aren’t they?

That said if I did ever win, what would I spend my winnings on.

If we’re talking about winning a small amount then I don’t know I guess we would go out one weekend and have a nice time with the kids and perhaps a meal out.

But if we’re talking winning big time then obviously I would make sure we had a home paid off – and I’m not talking a big mansion either – we’ve discussed this. We would be happy enough just getting an average sized house – 4 bedrooms perhaps instead of 3 (one for a study … not another mini!!) we would stay in the area we live in now because  quite frankly it’s perfect. I wouldn’t want something too big to keep on top of housework wise, maintenance wise or something to big to feel cold in the winter. I would pay off close family members mortgages so they would no longer have to pay that for the rest of their lives. We would of course have holidays – we would without a doubt go back to Florida but then again we will holiday there wether we win the lottery or not. I’d like to think we would travel the world a bit and take the kids on different adventures experiencing lots of Countries and their cultures.

I would make sure each child has a nest egg for their future because I think kids of today are going to have it tough growing up.

But I would also like, well I say I, I mean we (Mr S and I have talked about this hypothetically as you do) we would like to ‘do some good in the world’ if that is even possible. I don’t know, for example go and re-build villages that have been ruined by freak weather or war, build schools in Countries who aren’t lucky enough to have them, donate or build hospitals in Countries not as lucky as we are with the NHS in this Country. I couldn’t just sit on millions of pounds and not make a difference to lots of lives.

So yeah that’s kind of what I would do if I won the lottery …… will that ever happen? I doubt it very much, but it’s nice to have the dreams though isn’t it?

#Blogtober2016 Day 3


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