#Blogtober2016 Day 1

I’ve decided it would be a nice idea to take part in #Blogtober2016 who is hosted by Mandi Morrison. Day 1 is all about me and who I am …..

So …… I’m Lisa, 35 (although I still feel like i’m in my twenties 😛 ) i’m married to Mr S & have been for 14 years now (we’ve been together for 17) and we have two children L who’s 13 & C who recently turned 4. We have two furries too …. Jazzy who’s a 17 year old tortoise shell cat & Charlie, an 8 year old Caviler King Charles dog.

We live on the south coast, we did live in the ROI for almost 8 years only returning home 19 months ago. We adore where we live and we have no plans to ever move again! Living near the beach has to be just one of the best things about living here.

I am a lover of Disney (I absolutely adore the place and anything to do with Disney) I love chocolate, the sunshine … erm It’s actually quite hard thinking of stuff to say about yourself.

I recently started back at work, just part-time. I had a 13 year work break to be at home with the children. I’ve been in my little job for 11 months now and I throughly enjoy it. I work 20.00 – 00.00 so it’s perfect fitting it in around everyone – I’m still able to be here during the day with the kids and by the time they’re in bed (well the teen isn’t but you know what I mean) I go out to work .. just 3 nights a week but it gives me a chance to be ‘me’, Lisa, not mummy. The girls I work with are brilliant and we get on so well and have a good old natter whilst we work – they’re all similar to me and have kids at home/school too

So yeah not sure what else to say or what else you want to know about me … so if you have any questions then fire away and i’ll be happy to answer them.





    • Lisa Reply

      Ahhhh a girl after my own heart. You’ve gotta love chocolate & Disney x

  1. I really looking forward to Blogtober and reading everyone’s posts. It sounds like you have a great working arrangement you have to be with your kids and working too.

  2. Welcome to #Blogtober16, we live near the beach too and I couldn’t imagine living away from it. I know what you mean about not feeling your age, to me I still feel in my twenties, until I look in the mirror and see and extra wrinkle or another grey hair! The job sounds perfect fitting around the children, I look forward to finding out more throughout the month xxx

    • Lisa Reply

      I have the odd grey hair as well now Argh!!!! Still I feel lucky i got to this age before they started popping up x

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