I’ve had my Mum staying with us for the past few weeks and one afternoon this week after dropping C off at pre-school we decided to have a little time to ourselves for a few hours.

Locally to me we have a little indoor market type place, it’s in a big old warehouse and inside there are over 100 individual stall holders selling antiques, artwork, arts & crafts, vintage furniture, toys, handmade items, beauty & bathroom products & florists, to name just a few.

They’ve only been open since last Easter so it’s fairly new. They also have a little coffee shop there too, so where better for Mum & I to have a mooch and a cup of tea …. child free!!!

Having never been before I really didn’t know what to expect. But I have to say it was far better than I had imagined. The stalls were very well laid out and they were beautifully set out with all the lovely items the sellers were selling. You could walk round a good few times and see different items each time, there was so much to look at.

Everyone had their stalls decorated beautifully. I think the way they run ‘The Emporium’ is great. If you wanted to rent a space you don’t have to sit there day in and out. As long as you have prices on your items and you pop in once or twice a week to re-stock and have a tidy around, someone will be there on the main desk at the front to take the money from your customers. All they charge is a few pence per item to go towards the till receipts. How good is that? You could have a stall earning you an extra bit of pocket money whilst you do what ever it is you do during the week.

IMG_7454 IMG_7456

IMG_7517 IMG_7457 IMG_7458

Walking round some of the stalls was literally like a trip down memory lane – the Antique stalls had loads of things I remember having in our house as a child, or in my grandparents house. I couldn’t believe how many things I could see and remembered. It felt like I was stood in my old lounge from when I was small. It’s not the kind of furniture  I would have in my house these days but if I had a spare room I think I would like to ‘Theme” it around my childhood.

My Nanny & Grandad had this clock.
My Nanny & Grandad had this clock.




My nanny had one of these as well in her bedroom.


Does anyone remember any of these? Did you have any when you were little in your home? I know I did.

I wonder when this dates back to?

IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7523 IMG_7524

I will definitely be going back again.


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  1. Lisa Reply

    Yes i’ve seen some old retro toys being bought out again recently. I had the little record player too 🙂 x

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