moving_day_Itsablogslife.comAs you may know we have recently moved house. We were living in Ireland, but we made the move back home to England after nearly 8 years.

I have put together some of my top tips for moving and  hopefully if you are moving house sometime in the future it might give you a little bit of help.

1) Start Early!

Getting started with packing as soon as you can is definitely the way to go. Pack up things in the house you don’t use on a daily/weekly basis. Things in the attic, under stairs cupboards, toys the kids haven’t look at in a while and ones that won’t be missed for a few weeks, airing cupboards etc.

Start using up your supplies in the freezer and food cupboards so come moving day you’re not going to have a lot of wasted food.

Don’t leave everything until the last minute because as the move gets closer things will be busier and more stressful.

2) Source Some Decent Boxes!

To get the best boxes we decided to buy from a company online. Supermarkets these days don’t hold onto boxes like they used to. Also boxes from supermarkets are all different shapes and sizes and they don’t all come with lids too. It’s really best to go with a uniform brand and although you can order different sizes they generally are of all the same material, therefore when it comes to stacking them on the lorry on moving day it’s easier and you get more out of the space on the van.

We also bought bubblewrap and brown tape from the same company which was very handy when it comes to protecting valuables like televisions and computers.


3) Label, Label, Label!

It’s a total nightmare when you arrive at the new house surrounded by boxes wondering which box contains what you are looking for and which box is relevant for each room.

As you pack a box and seal it .. label it! Note down which room it is going into and also maybe a brief description of what is in each box (i.e Bathroom/First Aid Kit & Medicine Cabinet) That way when you arrive and you need to grab something urgently, you have some sort of idea where it is.

Also labelling boxes for each room is brilliant for the actual move itself. When you arrive at your new home, as each box gets unloaded off the van it can go into the room it’s meant to. That way you won’t end up with boxes everywhere and when you’re tired and just want to get into some sort of order you won’t have to start shifting boxes around the house/up and down stairs.

4) Be Prepared with Change of Address!

Before you move write a standard letter on the computer briefly stating your current address and new address as from what ever date you move in.

By doing this all you have to do is enter the details of each company you wish to send it too along with any account numbers for that certain account/place.

When you move you will need to have at some point proof of I.D and proof of address for a number of things (Registering with a new doctors surgery for one example). The longer it takes you to send your change of address letter off the longer it will be waiting for correspondence back. Doing this and having them printed off before your move saves you having to unpack and find the computer & printer right away. Just keep them safe and post them the day you move.

Also don’t forget to take a meter reading from your electricity meter as you leave the old property and phone the electricity company with the reading so you don’t pay for units you’ve not used.

5) Don’t Be Left Stranded!

I might just be a bit over the top with this one but pack a suitcase with things you might need incase for some reason your van doesn’t arrive when you had planned. Breakdowns are possible and so are delays. You don’t want to be left stranded for the night with nothing to wear/wash with/use whilst you wait for the rest of your belongings.

It is always an idea as well to take any valuables and anything sentimental with you in the car just incase.

So those are my top 5 tips. Here is a helpful removal check list of things to do prior to your move from MJ McCarthy who are a Yorkshire based removal company.  You can download their check list to a PDF which is really handy for printing off, allowing you to check things off the list as you go. That way you shouldn’t forget a thing!

This post is sponsored by McCarthys Removals and Storage





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