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Things I’m Most Looking Forward To This Summer

We are now in June … the start of the Summer has begun (well according to the gorgeous sunny weather we currently have it’s arrived) I love where we live especially during the Summer – there is so much to do and seeing as it’s the Summer before C starts school I intend on having a much fun as possible.

Here are some of the things i’m most looking forward to getting up to in our local area (in no particular order and there are far too many to list)

  1. Crab Fishing – There’s a Quay literally a few minutes drive away. We tend to go of an evening when it’s a bit cooler and the scenery is beautiful, especially when the sun is setting. We catch the crabs with crab lines and nets (using fish as bait) and then pop them back into the water when we’re finished. It’s such good fun and over the years as C has got older he’s been able to take part more and more rather than relying on us to help, so he finds it more exciting.

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

2. The Beach – Living on the South coast we are surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches. We have over  seven miles of award winning beaches, so we have plenty to choose from. Both kids adore being by the sea and i’m so pleased to have been able to bring them back home to grow up by the sea. We’ll quite often pack up the car for a day down at the beach and this year for the first week of the summer holidays a friend and I have rented a beach hut for the week! I can’t wait. Some nights we just even pop along to our nearest beach for a walk along the promenade whilst C has his bike or scooter & we stop for an ice-cream on the way back. It’s times like this, that make me feel really happy and content.

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

3. Paultons Park. I did a whole post just on Paultons Park the other day so go and check it out. C & I are season ticket holders now so we can go as often as we like. We’ve been going almost weekly recently whilst the weather has been lovely. During the Summer we will go as a family some weekends (especially to see the Paw Patrol special weekend) and with only having to pay for Mr S & L it doesn’t make it an expensive day out.

4. Hoburne Holidays. We have three Hoburne Holiday parks near to us and we have local summer membership to one of them. We have access to all areas on the holiday site including the indoor and outdoor pools. On a super hot day there’s nothing better than popping along, grabbing a lounger and diving in for a swim. Their outside pool is even heated to it makes it so much better. I hate cold swimming pools. Whilst you’re there you tend to forget your everyday life and it feels like you’re actually on holiday somewhere. It’s bliss!

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer\Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer


5. Our Garden & BBQ’s – It quite literally has to be the best garden I have ever had. I love it when the sun is shining and all the gorgeous summer flowers are in bloom splashing colour all over the place. Sometimes I like nothing more than a day at home spent in the garden. I get C’s pool and water slide out, he’s got his trampoline and an array of garden toys to keep him occupied. Finishing off the day with a BBQ just tops it all off nicely.

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This SummerThings I'm Most Looking Forward To This Summer6. Hiring a boat. This is something we’ve done few times now and it’s a nice way to sit back and relax for a little cruise along the river (well for me anyway whilst Mr S does the driving!!) You can hire the boats out for either half an hour or a full hour.Things I'm Most Looking Forward To This SummerThings I'm Most Looking Forward To This SummerThings I'm Most Looking Forward To This SummerAs I said these are just some off the things i’m looking forward to this summer. There are so many different places we enjoy going to and lots of different activities we like. There’s always plenty to do nearby and i’m so very pleased and lucky to be able call this my home.







Is It Time You Stepped Into A Sunroom?


For many years, we didn’t hear much of sunrooms, instead, those thinking of extending their homes have for decades been directed down the design route of the conservatory. Now, seemingly all of a sudden the sunroom appears to be having a moment. So, what’s the difference between the two types of structures and why should you step into a sunroom rather than get comfortable in a sunroom?

Strictly speaking there’s not much difference between sunrooms and conservatories. In fact, all that’s in it is a little extra (or less) glass. You may have noticed there have been a fair few TV adverts recently advertising the replacement of conservatory roofs with non-glazed alternatives that help regulate temperature a little better. This is because building regulations changed slightly in the UK over the last few years. Previously a conservatory was a room that used glazing for at least 75% of the roof and 50% of the walls and as such was exempt from certain control regulation. Now, the same percentage restriction no longer applies to the roof area, which means you can opt for something a little more substantial should you wish – cue the clambering for sunroom style additions.

Why choose a sunroom?

If you live in the UK, you may be forgiven for thinking a sunroom may seem like a strange concept – after all, we’re not exactly known for our sunny climate. We do however get a few more hours of sunshine than you may suspect, especially if you live in  sunny Ipswich, which is reportedly one of the suntraps of our fair isles. And of course, while we might not enjoy as much sunshine as some other countries it’s sensible to make the most of what we do get.

As an extension to your home, a sunroom can provide a space for many more activities than just sunning yourself too. From a dining area that links up with the kitchen and conveniently opens out onto the garden for easy entertaining through to somewhere light and airy for exercise or even a kids’ playroom. Sunrooms combine natural light with a practical structure that’s easier to enjoy all year round since it’s generally easy to moderate their temperature in comparison with all glass structures. And, if you have a great view you’d like to make more of, a sunroom can help you put it firmly in focus while retaining your comfort levels.

Tips for sunroom design

Whatever your plans for your sunroom space, there are a few general design tips you ought to apply when planning your new addition. Depending on your home’s floor plan, incorporating multiple entrances your sunroom can be a convenient way to link multiple rooms and ensure. This will create a natural flow towards your outside space.

You could opt to use single doors or maximise light flow by choosing bi-fold doors to open up the whole space. While bi-fold doors are often considered to be a modern addition it’s perfectly possible to accommodate a more traditional style extension by choosing wooden doors that complement the space, Vufold is one company that offers wood framed doors alongside the more commonly seen UPVc.

Heating and cooling of sunrooms is generally easier than in conservatories because their build is more substantial, though you might still want to consider factoring in underfloor heating to ensure your sunroom can be put to use all year round.  Bringing light into the area should also be a key focus since you won’t have as much glazed surface area to rely on. Roof lights can help brighten a space and clever decorating using light colours and use of mirrors can be employed to keep things feeling naturally fresh and airy. That said, there are so many good creative and energy efficient lighting setups available now there’s no need to let concerns for light dictate your entire décor scheme.
Feeling suitably inspired about the sunny possibilities for your home? To help you get started on your project, don’t forget to check out the most current version of the rules and regulations you should adhere to on the government’s planning portal. Along with outlining the guidelines you’ll need to adhere to when building the website also outlines how to make a planning application to your local council.

I Do Love My Garden



Today the weather has been absolutely stunning – the sun has been shining & the skies are blue. It’s been that nice out I have spent quite a bit of time outside today just sitting and enjoying the warmth from the sun and admiring my garden.



I totally adore it and I can’t wait until the better weather is here to stay. I’ve got dreams of a nice long summer of fun, playing with the kids in the garden, having friends round and BBQs. I also can’t wait for their Easter Egg hunt in a few weeks – there are so many nooks and crannies to the garden that will make any Easter Egg hunt a good one.

It’s every 3 year old dream to have a garden with so many places to run and hide.





There is already pockets of colour popping up and in a few weeks the whole garden will be awash with colour and flowers.



It’s so calm out there and the only noises you can hear are the wildlife – we can’t hear any noise pollution which is such a bonus. We can quite often hear an owl in the evening in the trees at the back and today I have heard a few woodpeckers as well.

Bring on the Spring & Summer …. 🙂


My 5 Top Tips For Moving House!

moving_day_Itsablogslife.comAs you may know we have recently moved house. We were living in Ireland, but we made the move back home to England after nearly 8 years.

I have put together some of my top tips for moving and  hopefully if you are moving house sometime in the future it might give you a little bit of help.

1) Start Early!

Getting started with packing as soon as you can is definitely the way to go. Pack up things in the house you don’t use on a daily/weekly basis. Things in the attic, under stairs cupboards, toys the kids haven’t look at in a while and ones that won’t be missed for a few weeks, airing cupboards etc.

Start using up your supplies in the freezer and food cupboards so come moving day you’re not going to have a lot of wasted food.

Don’t leave everything until the last minute because as the move gets closer things will be busier and more stressful.

2) Source Some Decent Boxes!

To get the best boxes we decided to buy from a company online. Supermarkets these days don’t hold onto boxes like they used to. Also boxes from supermarkets are all different shapes and sizes and they don’t all come with lids too. It’s really best to go with a uniform brand and although you can order different sizes they generally are of all the same material, therefore when it comes to stacking them on the lorry on moving day it’s easier and you get more out of the space on the van.

We also bought bubblewrap and brown tape from the same company which was very handy when it comes to protecting valuables like televisions and computers.


3) Label, Label, Label!

It’s a total nightmare when you arrive at the new house surrounded by boxes wondering which box contains what you are looking for and which box is relevant for each room.

As you pack a box and seal it .. label it! Note down which room it is going into and also maybe a brief description of what is in each box (i.e Bathroom/First Aid Kit & Medicine Cabinet) That way when you arrive and you need to grab something urgently, you have some sort of idea where it is.

Also labelling boxes for each room is brilliant for the actual move itself. When you arrive at your new home, as each box gets unloaded off the van it can go into the room it’s meant to. That way you won’t end up with boxes everywhere and when you’re tired and just want to get into some sort of order you won’t have to start shifting boxes around the house/up and down stairs.

4) Be Prepared with Change of Address!

Before you move write a standard letter on the computer briefly stating your current address and new address as from what ever date you move in.

By doing this all you have to do is enter the details of each company you wish to send it too along with any account numbers for that certain account/place.

When you move you will need to have at some point proof of I.D and proof of address for a number of things (Registering with a new doctors surgery for one example). The longer it takes you to send your change of address letter off the longer it will be waiting for correspondence back. Doing this and having them printed off before your move saves you having to unpack and find the computer & printer right away. Just keep them safe and post them the day you move.

Also don’t forget to take a meter reading from your electricity meter as you leave the old property and phone the electricity company with the reading so you don’t pay for units you’ve not used.

5) Don’t Be Left Stranded!

I might just be a bit over the top with this one but pack a suitcase with things you might need incase for some reason your van doesn’t arrive when you had planned. Breakdowns are possible and so are delays. You don’t want to be left stranded for the night with nothing to wear/wash with/use whilst you wait for the rest of your belongings.

It is always an idea as well to take any valuables and anything sentimental with you in the car just incase.

So those are my top 5 tips. Here is a helpful removal check list of things to do prior to your move from MJ McCarthy who are a Yorkshire based removal company.  You can download their check list to a PDF which is really handy for printing off, allowing you to check things off the list as you go. That way you shouldn’t forget a thing!

This post is sponsored by McCarthys Removals and Storage